Wyatt offers a single-source, vertically integrated "package" approach to interior construction so customers can deal with just one contractor for many aspects of their projects – including floors, ceilings, walls, fireproofing, insulation, carpentry, millwork, and exterior wall systems.

Our project teams link together all the people and material aspects of each job – from estimating, purchasing and drafting, through scheduling, field supervision, and the actual construction work. And, because Wyatt is a single-source contractor, we can make things happen on time and on budget.

Architectural Millwork

  • A.W.I. Quality Certified Contractor
  • Dedicated Estimating and Design Assist
  • State of the Art Finishing Operation
  • Total CNC Machining Capability
  • 100,000 square foot plant

Access Flooring

  • Air Delivery
  • Computer Room Systems
  • Electrical Capabilities
  • General Office Systems

Acoustical Treatments

  • Ceilings – All Types - Including Authorized Armstrong Contractors
  • Special Wood Systems
  • Wall Panels

Prefabricated Exterior Wall System

  • Brick Finished
  • Ceramic Tile Finishes
  • Composite Metal Panel Finishes
  • EIFS Finishes
  • Stone Finishes
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant

Gypsum Wallboard and Framing

  • LEED Knowledge and Compliance
  • Numerous Training Programs
  • Structural Design and Engineering


  • EIFS
  • Exterior Stucco
  • Interior – All types
  • Lathing and Framing
  • Ornamental
  • Restoration